Fahriye Evcen Scores The First Goal at The 2022 World Cup Stadium in Qatar

Famous Turkish actress Fahriye Evcen published a set of photos and videos on her official Instagram account from her visits to Qatar.

The German-born actress appeared in a sporty, distinctive look in one of the stadiums where the 2022 World Cup Games will be held, as she wore a white jumpsuit, under it a light green top, with white sports shoes as well.

Evcen appeared in the photo, and she was overwhelmed with joy and enthusiasm on this occasion, and commented on the photo, confirming that she had scored the first goal, and said: “The first goal from me.”

She also took to her Instagram page to share a video of her meeting with official organizers for the world cup, where the showed her around the lockers, the stadium, and the field, and that is where the model can be seen holding the soccer ball and aiming for a goal.

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