Fadee Andrawos Releases ‘Ana Beirut’ To Mark Beirut Blast Anniversary

Palestinian artist residing in Lebanon Fadee Andrawos, 39, has released a new patriotic song ‘Ana Beirut’ (I Am Beirut) to mark the first anniversary of Beirut Port explosion that occurred on 4 August 2020.

‘Ana Beirut’ is co-written by Fadee Andrawos and the late Alfred Al-Assaad, who also composed it, distributed by Dani Al-Helou and produced ‘At Production’. Fadee filmed it at the scene of explosion, directed by Tarek Aisha.

Fadee Andrawos sheds light throughout ‘Ana Beirut’ on the suffering of people who are living the repercussions of the port explosion, by blending sympathy with revolutionary spirit that calls for truth, and holding those responsible for this tragedy, accountable.

Lyrics said:

I am Beirut, I do not die
Of course I am great
With my people who never die

But I am sad for my children
The city is destroyed
And loved ones said goodbye

I am asking, I want to ask, what are the reasons?
The wound that became bigger than an explosion

I am Beirut, the truth
Queen between capitals
I do not kneel and those who destroyed the stone  will regret

Do not be afraid, my people
What happened has become the threshold
To reach a united country
And for homes to be built again

Once Fadee released the song, it has become the number one trending topic on Lebanese Twitter, and a hashtag with the name of the song was created.

Tomorrow Wednesday, August 4 2021, Lebanon commemorates the one-year anniversary of the horrific explosion that hit Beirut Port, which killed 214 and injured 6,500, as well as displacing more than 300,000, while caused 70,000 to lose their jobs, other than the massive damage caused to the Lebanese capital.

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