Exorcist in UAE Strangles Girlfriend to Death

The Dubai Police have arrested an African man for allegedly strangling his girlfriend to death in her Al Barsha apartment.

The 45-year-old African claimed that he had strangled his girlfriend to death to remove a demon inside her.

Colonel Makki Salman Ahmed, director, Crime Scene Department, General Department of Forensic Evidence and Criminology at the Dubai Police, said that the department received a report about a woman’s body found in an apartment in Al Barsha area. A team of police officers rushed to the site where they found the body of a woman in her twenties lying in the bathroom. There were bruises and bloodstains in different parts of her body.

Colonel Makki said that the police lifted all the evidence and it was found out that the suspect, identified as K.M.E, was the one who informed the police about the incident. The police said that the suspect had been staying with the victim for three years and was present there when the police arrived at the scene.

During interrogation, he claimed that she was possessed by a demon and he tried to remove it by beating and suffocating her. He said the woman had a seizure while he tried to remove the demon and then she fell motionless.

However, the police teams discovered that he had financial disputes with the victim, which led to the murder. According to police officers, after he was confronted with evidence, the suspect confessed to murdering the woman after consuming drugs.

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