Everything You Need to Know About The Cast of Stiletto

The Stiletto series has topped the search platforms on Google during the past hours, as the Arab audience is waiting for the premiere of the first episode.

Stiletto is set to air for the first time on Monday evening, on the MBC channel, and will also be shown on the “Shahid VIP” platform 24 hours before it is shown on the screen.

Stiletto will have around 90 episodes, in a work that extends to 90 episodes, it is worth mentioning that Stiletto is the Arabic version of the original Turkish work ‘STILETTO’, which was shown for the first time in 2017, and its events took place in a framework of mystery and excitement.

Heroes of the stiletto series

The Stiletto series, starring a constellation of stars, including : Caresse Bashar, Samer Al-Masri, Dima Kandalaft, Qais Sheikh Najib, Nada Abu Farhat, Rita Harb, Carlos Azar, Badi’ Abu Shakra and Nour Ali, and written by Lubna Mashleh, while the script was finalized by Mai Hayek.

The events revolve around 4 women, Caresse Bashar, Dima Kandalaft, Nada Abu Farhat, Rita Harb, along with 4 men, Qais Sheikh Najib, Samer Al-Masri, Carlos Azar, Badi’ Abu Shakra, along with a group of other actors, including Nour Ali, Michel Hourani, Nawal Kamel, Amal Taleb and others.

The events start from the past when they were all in their childhood, specifically in school, when they were exposed to tragic facts in the wake of their preoccupation with their own lives.

After many years, the reunion was held again, but according to different circumstances, personalities changed by time, and accelerated events that reopen the files of the past on a mysterious present of suspense and surprises of high caliber.

The Stiletto series will be shown on the “MBC 4” satellite channel, which is scheduled to show the entire episodes of the series, the episode will be shown in advance via the “Shahid VIP” digital platform, and the series will be shown from Sunday to Thursday, at exactly ten in the evening Abu Dhabi time “nine in the evening Mecca time.”

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