Ethiopia PM pledges victory in video from front line: State media

Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has pledged victory, in what state-affiliated media said was his first message after heading to the front line this week to lead government troops in the year-long war against forces from the northern Tigray region.

State media reported on Wednesday that Abiy had arrived at the battlefront to lead a counter-offensive against the Tigrayan forces, handing over regular duties to his deputy.

In a video shown on Friday, the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize winner is seen walking with military personnel while wearing army fatigues.

“We won’t give in until we bury the enemy,” Abiy said in a recorded statement, adding that the army’s morale was high. “What we want to see is an Ethiopia that stands on our sacrifices – either to be Ethiopian or to be Ethiopia,” he added.

He added that the military had secured control of Kassagita and planned to recapture Chifra district and Burka town in Afar region, which neighbours Tigray.

“The enemy doesn’t have the standing to compete with us, we will win,” he said.

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