Erdogan says he hopes for Idlib ceasefire deal in Putin talks

Syrian forces entered parts of a strategic rebel-held town on Monday as Turkey said it would keep hitting President Bashar al-Assad’s troops after ramping up operations in its biggest intervention yet into the Syrian civil war.

Turkey and Russia – which have come closer than ever to direct confrontation in Syria in recent days – traded threats over air space after Turkish forces shot down two Syrian government warplanes and struck a military airport.

One million people have been displaced in Syria’s Idlib region since December near Turkey’s southern border, causing what the United Nations says may be the worst humanitarian crisis in nine years of war.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said he hopes to reach a deal on a ceasefire in Syria’s northwest when he meets his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin later in the week.

“I will go to Moscow on Thursday to discuss the developments in Syria,” Erdogan told members of his party in the capital, Ankara.


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