Emergency Workers Battle to Save Animals in Ukraine

Emergency workers in Ukraine rescued a cat from a bombed-out high-rise building in Borodianka, video released by Ukraine’s emergency services shows.

Located east of Kyiv, Borodianka has been devastated by intense shelling and airstrikes by Russian forces.

The video shows rescue workers use an aerial ladder truck to reach the cat. A worker tucks the feline into his jacket for the ride down to the ground, where the disheveled animal is placed in a crate and given a bowl of water.

Twitter user “Lorenzo The Cat” posted photos, videos and updates on the rescue effort on Twitter, crediting the rescue to Eugene Kibets and saying “amid the horror of war, we have to celebrate the good in humanity.”

Another Ukrainian cat gained Internet fame last year when Britney Spears posted content from the cat’s social media.

With more than a million followers on Instagram and TikTok, that cat, named Stepan, relieved followers in March when his owner posted an update detailing how they escaped Ukraine with Stepan after their house was damaged in Russian shelling.

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