Eman, Sister of Mohamed Ramadan, Responds to Bullies Who Mocked Her Features

Eman, Sister of Mohamed Ramadan, Responds to Bullies Who Mocked Her Features

Eman Ramadan, sister of Egyptian artist Mohamed Ramadan, celebrated her marriage a few days ago at a small wedding ceremony that included a number of friends and family members.

Unfortunately, a series of incidents that happened after the wedding ruined the newlyweds’ joy.

At first, groom Hussam Hamed was arrested after the wedding for violating the decision of the Council of Ministers, which prevented celebrations and gatherings in order to prevent the spread of Coronavirus, but he was released later the same night.

However, the worst of the night was when bride Eman was bullied on social media by viewers making fun of her features, as some hurtful comments said: “Which one is the groom?” and another commentator said: “Her brother’s money helped her get married.”

Eman Ramadan did not stay silent against those trolls; instead she proudly posted pictures from her wedding night, and commented:

“There are things that a person is born with and doesn’t have the right to choose, such as his/her color and features, which I’m so content with, and I do not have any problem with anyone who sees me ugly, but please keep your opinion to yourself, and also learn that a good word is a bounty, you don’t have to hurt others with your words.”

Eman did not stop here; she tweeted another picture of herself and captioned it: “It doesn’t matter if you are beautiful, whats important is that your soul is beautiful.”

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