Egyptian Veteran Laila Taher, 79, Announces Retirement

Egyptian veteran Laila Taher, 79, has announced her retirement from acting in order to devote herself to taking care of her daughter and private life, considering that the projects she was recently offered do not fit her career history.

In a telephone interview with Hadees Al-Cahira (Cairo’s Talk) show, Laila Taher stated that she decided to retire from art after staying away from dramatic and cinematic participations during the past years.

‘I decided to retire to devote myself to my family, and now I got closer to them and my friends.’

Laila Taher spoke that the projects she was offered do not suit her.

‘What I have of history is enough, and there is no need for me to do anything just to be present.’

The Egyptian artist explained that her real retirement was due to her respect for herself and her audience, noting that she does not work in order to obtain money.

‘I am satisfied with what I presented in my history, and I respect my audience, and what I have done is enough.’

Laila Taher’s decision sparked a wave of controversy among social media users, who pointed out that the acting scene has recently witnessed the absence of ancient and illustrious names from the history of Egyptian television and cinema.

Taher commented on her decision to retire in press statements: ‘I will not retract the decision. I devote myself to my family. I think there is no going back and I can’t go back after that, and now I am full-time devoted for my family and I am closer to them.’

The Egyptian veteran indicated that the decision to retire is not new to her, and that she has been retired for 5 years, expressing her surprise at everyone about her retirement, and said that the decision is not new for her, and she adheres to it because she does not want to present any new work, explaining that her history is honorable and that she’s satisfied with it, and she is proud of what she has presented of acting projects during her career.

Laila Taher revealed that there is one condition for her return to art, which is to be offered purposeful projects that have good content and add to her history, and do not detract from it, otherwise she will not return.

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