Egyptian Husband Confesses About How He Murdered His Wife

Egyptian Husband Confesses About How He Murdered His Wife

A 21-year-old woman allegedly raped and murdered in her apartment north of Cairo was the victim of a plot by her husband who wanted to divorce her, police claim. 

Iman Adel, a college student and mother of a nine-month-old baby boy, was found dead in her apartment in the village of Meet Antar in the Egyptian governorate of Ad Dakahlia, 130 km north of the capital.

Chief of Talkha police Gehad El-Sherbiny said that the victim’s husband, Hussein, 24, told investigators that he returned home from work to find his wife dead.

However, surveillance cameras in the area showed a person wearing a niqab entering and leaving the building in a suspicious manner.

Police later identified the person wearing the face covering as Ahmed.

During interrogation, Ahmed admitted murdering the victim in her apartment, police said.

Investigators say the defendant worked in a clothing store owned by Hussein and the two men agreed on a “sinister plot.”

Police allege the victim’s husband wanted to marry another woman, but his wife refused.

Hussein allegedly reached an agreement with his employee to break into the apartment and rape his wife, so he could divorce her without being liable to financial compensation since she would lose her rights if proven that she “cheated” on her husband.

However, the victim resisted and screamed.

Ahmed raped and strangled her before escaping, police allege.

Both men are in custody awaiting trial.

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