Egyptian Footballer Threatens to Sue Instagram Users For Abusive Messages

Egyptian Footballer Threatens to Sue Instagram Users For Abusive Messages

An Egyptian footballer has threatened to sue Instagram users who sent abusive messages this week over photos of himself and his three-year-old daughter.

The incident involving Amre Soulia, a player at Al-Ahly football club, has caused a storm on social media in Egypt after comments on his photos triggered widespread anger over harassment.

The player publicly called out a number of people who had harassed him and his daughter by sharing screenshots of their comments that mainly targeted what the young girl was wearing – a black T-shirt and jeans.

The player is seen holding his daughter’s hand while she smiles back at him.

“May God save her for you … but I hope you make your daughter wear respectable clothes because you’re a respectful player,” one user wrote to Soulia.

Another user said: “Cover up your daughter, son, so that she grows to become one (who’s covered).”

Several other sexually-loaded remarks targeted the little girl, prompting the player to take legal action against them.

“All legal measures were taken and a lawsuit was filed against anyone who insulted me or any member of my family,” Soulia wrote on his social media account.

The incident is the latest in Egypt, where sexual assault and harassment are deep-seated problems.

Egyptian actor Sherif Mounir recently hit out at people who insulted his teenage daughters in a picture he shared of them on Instagram.

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