Egypt Needs New Smart Approach to Attract Foreign Tourism

Egypt Needs New Smart Approach to Attract Foreign Tourism

Egypt needs a smart new approach to attract foreign tourism again after countries began reopening their borders to visitors following months of lockdown, the Egyptian Junior Business Association (EJB) said in a Saturday statement.

The government has a dual responsibility to prioritize public health while also protecting jobs and businesses, the statement stressed.

The EJB’s Tourism and Aviation Committee head Mohamed Qaoud said that setting regulations to safeguard public health will contribute to encouraging domestic tourism in Egypt.

He added that there is a strong belief across all stakeholders from the private sector and government that restarting tourism must be undertaken responsibly, in a way that protects public health while supporting businesses and livelihoods.

The statement said that international cooperation is highly important to securing the trust and confidence of governments and travelers.

According to Quoad, most EU countries still have concerns about Egypt’s situation that need to be tackled efficiently and promptly.

Germany has listed the UAE, Uganda & Rwanda as safe destinations while doubting Egypt’s transparency and efficiency on COVID-19 Cases handling, he noted.

He also pointed out that the current situation with Russia diverting travel to Turkish sea destinations would create stronger competition, and will require a compromise to be dealt with.

Quoad recommended that Egypt explore Portugal’s insurance approach.

Portugal’s national tourism body recently launched a new travel insurance for foreign tourists traveling to the country in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, as a part of its “new normal”.

Introduced with the aim of showcasing that the country is safe for travelers, this insurance covers a range of different expenses including medical, surgical, pharmaceutical, and hospital charges associated with the coronavirus together with other expenses resulting from the cancellation, interruption, or extension of trips.

Some governments are considering reviving their tourism industry with a “high value, low volume” strategy. Egypt could therefore aim to attract niche tourists and high-end tourists, even though budget tourists comprise the bulk of those coming to Egypt.

Travel, tourism and hospitality sectors worldwide have faced unprecedented losses and damages over the last four months, the statement explained, with the United Nations World Tourism Organization announcing that the COVID-19 pandemic and countrywide

The United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) recently announced that the COVID-19 pandemic and countrywide lockdowns across the globe have cost $320 billion loss from January to May alone, while the number of tourists dropped by almost a half compared to 2019 with 300 million missing visitors.

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