Egypt court acquits TikTok stars jailed over ‘debauchery’

An Egyptian appeals court has acquitted two young women imprisoned for “attacking society’s values” over videos they published on TikTok.

The women had been sentenced to two years in prison last July for “breaching public morals”.

‘Social pressure’

Several women have been accused of “inciting debauchery” by challenging Egypt’s conservative social values, and the battle has moved online as the use of social media by young Egyptians surges.

Last year, Egyptian parliamentarians demanded the government suspend TikTok in the country, saying it promoted nudity and immorality.

Under Egypt’s 2018 cybercrime law, anyone running an account on the internet to commit a crime faces at least two years in jail and a fine of up to 300,000 Egyptian pounds ($19,206).

Two men who had been jailed for managing the women’s social media accounts were also acquitted on Tuesday, while a third was found guilty of managing al-Adham’s accounts and fined.

The court kept intact the fine that al-Adham was ordered to pay last year.

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