Egypt: An MPs Son Accused of Murder

Preliminary investigations have revealed the circumstances behind the murder of a janitor by the son of a MP in the the Bulaq al-Dakrur district, his nephew and a third person.

According to the investigations, a verbal altercation erupted between the three defendants and the victim after he was accused of stealing a mobile phone from the MP’s son three days ago.

Authorities added that “Eyewitnesses confirmed the involvement of the MP’s nephew in beating the janitor, which caused his injury and he fell to the ground, dying on Monday morning.”

The Bulaq al-Dakrur Police Department received a report that three people had attacked a janitor on Saturday, and he died on the third day of his injuries.

Members of the Criminal Investigation division at Giza Police station moved to the location of the report. CCTV footage was seized at the scene in preparation to determine the extent to which the parliamentarian’s son was involved in the incident.

Investigations stated that one of the relatives of the MP “assaulted the victim, in cooperation with two others, by beating him, after he was accused of stealing the cell phone of the MP’s son.”

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