Dunia Batma Unfollows and Deletes All of Her Husband’s Pictures … Did They Separate?

Dunia Batma Unfollows and Deletes All of Her Husband's Pictures ... Did They Separate?

Moroccan songstress Dunia Batma raised doubts about separating from her Bahraini husband, Mohamed Al Turk, after she deleted all of his photos from Instagram, unfollowed him and removed his name, as her business manager, from her bio .

On Snapchat, Batma shared Amal Maher’s song Ya Aini Alaiki Ya Taiba “Bravo, You Kind One” from the movie Khiyana Mashroo’a “Legitimate betrayal” without any comment.

She also published a video of a preacher, who said that people’s false talking about a person gives him good deeds.

Until this moment, neither Dunia nor her husband Mohamed have gone out of their silence to reveal what happened, or explain the reason why Dunia unfollowed Al Turk on social media, which makes the possibility of their separation more likely.

Bahraini producer, Muhammad Al-Turk, has previously revealed that Dunia’s biggest flaw is haste, adding that all the problems that happen to her is because of her rush.

Al-Turk stated in television statements that his wife’s pregnancy with their second child is currently increasing the severity of her haste, but at the same time he cannot refuse her demands; because he appreciates the changes she goes through due to pregnancy and appreciates her psychological state.

The last appearance of Dunia Batma and Mohamed Al Turk was six days ago, when they celebrated their daughter Ghazal’s 3rd birthday.

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