Dubai’s Global Village Smashes Its 16th World Record

Dubai’s Global Village has smashed its 16th Guinness World Record and, this time, it came with a bigger message: Get the jab. The park on Thursday announced that it has bagged the title for the ‘most people in a video relay holding a sign’ as part of a larger internal campaign to promote vaccination for staff and partners.

Over 60 members of the Global Village family joined a video call, with each participant holding up a sign that read: ‘I’m Vaccinated. Are You?’ Today, 100 per cent of the park’s permanent staff have already been vaccinated, and it is well on its way to ensuring that all partner teams also have access to the jab.

“The park has fully supported the UAE’s National Vaccination programme since its rollout, offering an in-house clinic that made it easy for all staff and their families to get vaccinated. This initiative will keep Global Village staff safe and help protect those around them,” it said in a statement.

With the latest achievement, Global Village is moving closer to its target of breaking 25 Guinness World Record titles for its Silver Jubilee anniversary.

The park is open until April 18 and continues to apply all precautionary measures across its offices and throughout the park. Recently, it announced the return of its musical fireworks shows, which are expected to remain part of the attraction for the rest of its edition this year.

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