Dubai photographer finds stunning Sheikh Zayed tribute in Ajman desert

Dubai-based photographer Mo Azizi who goes by the Instagram handle, ‘AlphaSpotting’ took a stunning aerial-view photo of desert artwork paying tribute to the United Arab Emirates’ founding father Sheikh Zayed.

The image was uploaded to alphaspotting’s Instagram account on Monday night and has so far racked up over 600 likes.

Al Arabiya English spoke to the photographer who said that he found the unique artwork in the middle of the Ajman desert and took the photo with his drone.

“I stumbled upon this place in the Ajman desert a couple of weeks ago and I was amazed at how there was this random piece of artwork, in the middle of the Ajman desert, that no one really knew about it and that it hadn’t really advertised anywhere,” Azizi told Al Arabiya.

Who created the artwork and when remains unknown.

The UAE’s deserts have long been a canvas for extravagant artwork such as the heart-shaped Love Lake lagoons that can be found in the al-Qudra Oasis on the outskirts of Dubai.

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