Dubai Court Sentences Man to 10 Years for Selling Drugs Online

The Dubai Criminal Court has sentenced an Asian man to 10 years in prison after he was found guilty of possessing and promoting drugs through a website and WhatsApp group to sell them.

The Court fined the 47-year-old expat Dh50,000 and ordered the authorities to deport him after completion of prison term.

According to police investigating, the case dates back to February 2021, when the Anti-Narcotic department at Dubai Police received information that a person possessed some quantity of drugs and psychotropic substances.

An investigation team located the trafficker and raided his room, where they found a plastic bag containing 7.5kg of methamphetamine, a scale and tools for packing the substance.

The accused was arrested, and he confessed that about a month ago, prior to his arrest, a person in his home country assigned him to receive the narcotic substances.

He was instructed to divide the content into bags and then distribute them in random areas in Dubai. He was tasked to take photographs of the areas and forward them to someone in his country for Dh2,000 per month.

The police referred him to the Public Prosecution Office, and the Court ruled the sentencing against the drug peddler.

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