Dubai bans jet skis around Palm Jumeirah island

Authorities have banned jet skis from areas around Dubai’s Palm Jumeirah with the threat of a $136 (AED500) fine, The National reports.

The ban was introduced by Dubai Maritime City Authority (DMCA) on August 2 after residents complained of revving engines from jet ski riders.

“This is to inform all stations that jet skis are strictly prohibited inside Palm Jumeirah and Dubai Harbour areas,” the DMCA notice said.

“Jet skis shall not enter the areas and offenders will be strictly penalised.

“Owners, agents, charters, marinas, yacht club and recreational sailing organisations shall ensure that the details of this circular are made known to the owners or persons in charge of their vessels.”

Residents complained to Palm developer Nakheel about jet ski riders holding high-speed races in family swimming areas.

A Nakheel spokesperson told The National that the company had been liaising with authorities in order to resolve the issue.

“The safety, well-being and happiness of Palm Jumeirah residents and visitors is always our top priority,” they said.

“Nakheel took residents’ concerns about the use of jet skis very seriously, and has been liaising closely with the appropriate Dubai authorities to address and resolve the matter, and ensure residents’ peace of mind.

“We are pleased that the rules and regulations have been officially clarified by the DMCA, and thank our residents for their patience and understanding while we brought this matter to a close.”

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