‘Dream Come True’: Woman Sells Her Virginity for $1.5 Million to a German Football Manager

'Dream Come True': Woman Sells Her Virginity for $1.5 Million to a German Football Manager

A woman who reportedly sold her virginity for £1.3million to a famous German football manager via a notorious online escort agency has described it as a ‘dream come true’.

Isabella, a 21-year-old student from Germany, told how she comes from a ‘poor’ family and always dreamed of having lots of money to help her ‘realise her dreams’.

Despite her parents being ‘very religious’ and strongly believing in marriage before sex, she admitted she has changed her mindset due to not yet meeting her ideal man.

Describing virginity as ‘overrated’, Isabella told how she signed up to Cinderella Escorts after seeing women on the TV who had sold their virginity for between £2.7 to £3.6 million (three to four million euros).

After accepting a winning bid – which beat offers of £1million and £996,800 from a British lawyer and Dusseldorf real estate mogul respectively – she said she was ‘very happy’ with the buyer. Bidders’s names and details are always kept private.

Speaking exclusively to FEMAIL, Isabella said: ‘I think virginity and sex are totally overrated because in my eyes, for me, it’s nothing special. First time sex is like, first time playing basketball.’

She added: ‘I am definitely happy I auctioned my virginity, and I will see the buyer again. He’ll be my sugar daddy and give me 10,000 euros (£9,061) every month.’

Isabella said she intends to go shopping and start her own business with the money she has earned and help her family. She would also like to go travelling to see the world.

‘I am currently starting financial management and I would like to work in this area in the future and have my own company,’ she explained.

With the age of consent being 14 in Germany, Isabella explained she stayed a virgin because she’d never had a boyfriend and her parents are ‘very, very religious’.

‘They always told me and my siblings that you should get married first and then have sex, so I was of the same opinion when I was a little girl,’ she said.

‘But now I have changed my mind because I’m already 20 and I still haven’t met my dream man for the marriage in the future.’

Isabella said wasn’t keen to ‘give away my virginity for free’ and decided to sell it to make some money.


She settled on Cinderella Escorts because ‘they are working with very rich and famous people, and they sold a lot of virgins for a lot of money’.

‘My parents and family don’t know about this but my best friend knows and supports me – she said she would like to do the same thing if she was a virgin,’ she added.

‘I am not worried about being attracted to the person who takes my virginity because I just want to have a lot of money.’

Asked if she was surprised by the large amount of money bid, she said: ‘Not really, I knew it would be a high amount because I am beautiful. I have a great body, beautiful hair, face, and I saw Cinderella Escorts sold a lot of virgins for a lot of money.’

On the night she met her buyer earlier this month, Isabella told how he brought his own doctor to ensure she was indeed a virgin – despite being ‘verified’ by the agency.

She admitted she wasn’t nervous and was ‘pleasantly surprised’ when she saw him.

‘He definitely made a good impression, he bought me an expensive Gucci bag as a small present for our first meeting. He was a real gentleman,’ she said.

‘We had a very good conversation, he told me a lot about his life and his job; he is a manager from a famous football team. I also told him a lot about me, how I grew up, about my school and my dreams.’

She added that he ‘took a lot of time for me so we could get to know each other better’ and the experience was ‘romantic’.

‘I enjoyed it. He treated me very respectfully,’ Isabella said. ‘I was attracted to him – he looks good, he’s very rich and he knows a lot of celebrities and famous people.

‘I stayed for the whole night, we spent all night together and the next morning I drove home after we had breakfast together.’

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