Dr. Dre Celebrate his Divorce From Nicole Young

Dr. Dre appears to have finalized his divorce from ex-wife Nicole Young following an ugly $1 billion legal battle and 25 years of marriage. 

The rapper, 56, was pictured posing with a celebratory display of balloons marking his new single status in an image posted by Breyon Prescott on Thursday.

In the photo, Dre smiled as he sat before a massive ‘Divorce AF’ balloon bouquet.

‘Hey Well My Brother @drdre Just Told Me It’s Final !!! Congrats (champagne bottle emoji) Still Dre (goat and flexed bicep emojis),’ Prescott captioned the photo.

However, Dre has not yet posted anything on social media confirming the status of his divorce.

DailyMail.com has contacted a representative for the hip hop mogul.

Dre and Young have been battling it out over their billion-dollar fortune since June 2020 when she filed for divorce. They married in 1996 and share daughter Truly Young, 20, and son Truice Young, 24.

Young claimed in her filing that the musician and businessman threw her out of their home on April 2 of that year following ‘a night of Andre’s alcohol-induced, brutal rage, which included, but was not limited to, his screaming at her to ‘get the f*** out.”

She also claimed that their marriage was ‘earmarked by all types of abuse,’ and she accused him of punching her and holding a gun to her head on multiple occasions.

Dre has denied all of the allegations of abuse, but he has been accused of abusing women multiple times throughout his career.

In a more recent development, Young asked the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department to recover more than $1 million from the producer.

Young’s legal team filed a writ of execution against the Chronic hitmaker, who she has accused of defying a court order to pay $1,224,607 in past legal fees and only opting to pay $300,000 towards the bill.

Documents obtained by RadarOnline.com stated: ‘Andre is doing whatever he wants to do because he is an enormously entitled and well-funded litigant who seeks to exact revenge on his former wife by decimating her financially leaving her without legal representation in this case.’

The documents asked the Sheriff’s Department to ‘enforce the judgment’ and it is expected they will likely help to serve the paperwork.

Nicole could then proceed with levying the judgement against his bank accounts to collect the full sum, which grows with $335 interest every day.

She claimed she is unable to fight in court because Dre can afford to spend more on a huge legal team and stated she has just $1 million in the bank, less than she owes her lawyers.

Nicole is seeking a total of $4.2 million to cover her legal fees, and needs $551,000 for work done between July and September this year, as well as $3.5 million for future legal fees and another $215,000 for appeal expenses.

In July, Dre – whose real name is Andre Young – was told to pay Nicole $293,306 every month in spousal support in a temporary order.

Dre must pay a total of $3,519,672 per year until Nicole remarries or ‘enters into a new domestic partnership.’

The judge’s decision – which includes the fact Dre must pay for Nicole’s health insurance – is only temporary until a final decision is made.

The pair were declared ‘officially divorced’ in June but they are still battling it out over the validity of a pre-nuptial agreement.

Dre is insisting the prenup stands, but Nicole claims the hip hop icon said he wouldn’t enforce it and wants it to be declared invalid.

The former lawyer previously claimed Dre tore up multiple copies of the prenup after they married because he regretted ‘pressuring’ her to sign it. She also claimed he was now worth $1 billion, according to TMZ.

The Beats Electronics founder in court docs has claimed full possession over the family’s $1 billion and property, leading Young to request $1 million to ‘maintain the financial status quo.’

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