Don’t be Silly You Can’t Get Coronavirus From Locusts!

Don't be Silly You Can't Get Coronavirus From Locusts!

Public Authority for Agricultural Affairs and Fish Resources (PAAAFR) monitored swarms of locusts in the Kabad area, reports Al-Rai daily.

The daily added, PAAAFR has mobilized personnel to monitor the movement of these swarms and know in what direction the swarms are moving.

An official source told the daily the swarms that were detected in Sulaibiya were driven by winds to the southern borders. The same source pointed although Kabad is a desert area it is inhabited by people and various kinds of animals and therefore it is difficult for the emergency team to spray the area with insecticides so that the health of people residing in these areas is not affected.

However, the source explained the locusts have now moved to the south towards Abdali, thanks to the efforts of the emergency team and the direction of the winds that has driven away millions of locusts from the agricultural areas.

The entomology researcher, Dr Jenan Al-Harbi, told the daily the locusts do not transmit the corona virus to humans, however, the virus is dangerous to palms and perennial trees. The head of the Kuwaiti farmers union, Abdullah Al-Dimak, has called for the need to compensating the Kuwaiti farmers since their crops were damaged by locust swarms in Wafra and Al-Abdali.

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