Dominique Hourani’s Obscene Footage while Calling Herself a Martyr

Dominique Hourani's Obscene Footage while Calling Herself a Martyr

Lebanese singer and actress Dominique Hourani wanted to check on her 1.4 million followers on Instagram.

But instead of writing a heartfelt message, she gave them a treat for the eye by posting a picture and going braless wearing a blazer only paired with hot shorts.

She captioned the image: “How is your spirits? I think I’m still under the effect of the shock.”

However, Hourani doesn’t seem to be affected by the shock, as she had her full dramatic makeup on, and her place looked neat and tidy.

Since Dominique has a history in controversy, she already knew that she was going to be attacked for the recent image, so she made sure to turn off the comments.

But followers found their way to reach Dominique and severely criticise her, especially since she connected her scandalous photoshoot with the tragedy of Lebanon.

The star didn’t stop there, and she provoked her followers even more by sharing a whole series of the same shoot, and angered followers by branding herself as ‘a living martyr.’

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