Does Lionel Richie Feel ‘Offended’ Over Katy Perry’s Wedding Comments?

Does Lionel Richie Feel 'Offended' Over Katy Perry's Wedding Comments?

Lionel Richie has joked he is “offended” at Katy Perry’s claim he won’t be invited to her wedding.

Katy teased her fellow ‘American Idol’ judge earlier this month when she said he and their co-star Luke Bryan wouldn’t be getting invites to her upcoming wedding to Orlando Bloom because she “couldn’t afford” their appearance fee.

And now, Lionel has joined in on the joke, saying both he and Luke are outraged, as they keep asking Katy details about the wedding but get no response.

He joked: “It’s time that we just put it out there. Luke and I are just offended. We keep waiting for Katy like, ‘OK, when is the date and where are we supposed to be and how many songs do you want us to sing?’ Crickets. Crickets. OK. So we’ve kind of taken it to a point now where no, we’re not invited. No, they don’t want to see us.”

The ‘Hello’ hitmaker, 70, also said Katy doesn’t want her co-stars to “upstage her”, which he admitted he “understands”.

He added to Us Weekly magazine: “I know what it is now. She doesn’t want us to upstage her. It’s about her and I understand it and we wish them the best. But we are offended.”

Lionel’s comments come after Katy, 35, insisted the fellow musicians were simply too expensive to invite to her nuptials.

She joked: “I can’t afford them! Like I said I can’t afford them.

“I mean, no. I mean, look … They have a lot of work to do, you know, while I’m out getting married again.”

The ‘Roar’ singer also opened up about the progress of her wedding planning, insisting she’s not a “bridezilla”.

She shared: “I’m actually like a, not a bridezilla. I call myself, like, a bridechilla. I’m like, ‘I’m kinda chill.’

“But I am one of those girls where I got engaged February 14 and I booked the place February 19. I take it very seriously.”

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