DJ Shooj’s Girlfriend Gets Down on One Knee and Proposes With a Ring (Video)

They became ‘wife and wife’ on Valentine’s Day.

Social media users have circulated a video of DJ Shooj while she received a marriage proposal from her girlfriend on Valentine’s Day.

DJ Shooj, who comes from a Khaliji nationality and resides in UAE, looked smitten and shy as her girlfriend gave her the ring.

Then the wives-to-be exchanged hugs and intimate kisses in a scene that shocked Arab viewers to the bones.

Commenting on the video, one follower wrote: ‘Miserable relationships and they try to beautify them … there is no type of any feeling in them that could help them resume … they are destined to fail.’

Another one wrote: ‘They say a girl is engaged to a girl! We ask God for safety. Take the hands of adulterers so that the Lord of the Worlds will not be angry with us.’

Since the majority of DJ Shooj’s followers on Snapchat are teenagers, many social media users said that they feel sorry for them, as they will be seeing such things and have them cultivated in their minds since a young age.

On the other hand, a group of Shooj’s fans defended her and asked whoever attacked Shooj to abide by their limits, respect others, their desires and their freedom.

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