Disputed memo on partitioning Bosnia sparks fears of violence

A leaked document which advocates for partitioning Bosnia and Herzegovina has reportedly reached the European Union (EU), stirring concerns of renewed violence in the Balkans region.

Though there are questions over the so-called non-paper’s authenticity, top officials have responded to the alleged proposal to draw borders along ethnic lines with some alarm.

However, Turkovic said that she believes that “no one serious” in the European Union would accept the idea of jeopardising Bosnia’s sovereignty and integrity.

“The goal seems to be the opening of a Pandora’s box and destabilisation of the situation in the Western Balkans,” Turkovic said. “Perhaps some believe they could achieve their wartime goals in such circumstances.”

Turkovic added that the “malicious idea … threatens the enormous progress made in the last two decades”.

“Everybody should understand that those who are considering this as an option are rewarding and promoting the policy that is responsible for the genocide, and the worst war crimes since World War II,” Turkovic said. “One could perhaps argue that by analogy, they themselves become complicit in it.”

The unsigned memo in question was leaked last week by Slovenian media.

It proposes Bosnia to be partitioned into three parts, with its Serb-run entity of Republika Srpska unifying with Serbia and the country’s Croat-majority cantons joining Croatia.

In return, “Serbia is willing to agree on joining Kosovo with Albania,” the memo reportedly said.

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