Diletta Leotta on Can Yaman’s Excesses: “I Couldn’t Take It Anymore”

Once again Diletta Leotta reveals many secrets about herself in Verissimo’s living room, the talk show that is hosted by Silvia Toffanin, and tells why she ended her relationship with the Turkish actor Can Yaman, with whom she had had a hot love affair between spring and summer 2021.

The love story between Can Yaman and Diletta Leotta has even led to the promise of marriage within a few weeks after it kicked off, a rush that prompted it to go in the wrong direction.

The beautiful Catanian had spoken some time ago about a separation, but now it seems that the breakup is definitive, and the blame goes to the excesses of Can Yaman, both in attitudes and having too much fun.

“I couldn’t take it anymore because of his attitude, it was very hard”, admits Leotta, who also did not hide her regret for her story which ended badly and suddenly, with impetus. Just as it started.

Diletta Leotta, Can Yaman'ın Aşırılıklarına Dair: "Artık Dayanamadım"

Diletta Leotta is a Sicilian from Catania, and Can Yaman is also very much loved and well known on the island. The Turkish actor spends a lot of time in Palermo (where he was literally attacked by fans). Among other things, it seems that Yaman has a real passion for Sicilian women, given that there are rumors of a hot relationship with Francesca Chillemi, an actress from Messina, who starred with the Turkish actor in Viola Come Il Mare (Purple Like The Sea).

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