Didem Soydan Goes Completely Naked on Instagram.. And Burak Deniz Reacts to It

Turkish model Didem Soydan is single and obviously ready to mingle following her alleged breakup with handsome Turkish actor Burak Deniz.

It was only a few days ago that the media has learned about Burak Deniz and Didem Soydan’s claimed breakup, after the couple has unfollowed, or perhaps blocked each other on Instagram.

However, when checking older posts of Didem, particularly on October 13, the Turkish model shared a half-naked picture of herself with her 753k followers on Instagram.

In the image, Soydan was sitting on a white board while going topless and covering her ample assets with her arm, as she sported a sky blue skirt.

Didem Soydan Goes Completely Naked Didem Soydan Instagram'da çırılçıplak çıktı

Didem captioned the picture by tagging fashion designer TAYFUN KABA and photographer AUSGANG.

Few hours later on that same day of October 13, Didem Soydan’s alleged ex-boyfriend Burak Deniz shared a picture of him in black and white while he was laughing, and captioned the shot with: ‘The photo I laughed at.’

Burak Deniz reaction to Didem Soydan naked pictures Burak Deniz'in Didem Soydan'ın çıplak fotoğraflarına tepkisi

It looks like the picture Didem posted was not recently taken and it dates back to July according to the photographer’s Instagram account.

Six weeks ago, @ausgangberlin has shared a photo album of Didem’s feisty photoshoot where she appeared in multiple positions and changed different outfits designed by @studiotayfunkaba.

The post was captioned: ‘WE ARE‘ which was a campaign launched by XOXO Digital Magazine.

Didem Soydan Goes Completely Naked Didem Soydan Instagram'da çırılçıplak çıktı

Could These Images Be the Reason Behind the Alleged Separation?

From Burak Deniz’s reaction, he seems to be provoked of Didem Soydan’s bold pictures, which could be one of the reasons that led to end their one-year relationship.

If the breakup has already happened before October 13, then it is possible that Soydan re-shared this old image only to spark Burak’s fury, or maybe to send him a message that she’s now a free woman.

Burak and Didem’s relationship has had its ups and downs, just like the time when strong rumors were circulated that Didem Soydan was jealous of Burak Deniz’s co-star in Maraşlı, Alina Boz, and it was rumored that the couple had broken up at the time.

Didem Soydan Goes Completely Naked Didem Soydan Instagram'da çırılçıplak çıktı

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