Did Toyor Al-Jannah Channel Owner, Khaled Miqdad, Die of Coronavirus?

Social media users has been shocked to learn the alleged news of death of Khaled Miqdad, owner of Toyor Al-Jannah (Birds of Paradise) channel, which he runs with his children.

The shocking news was reported by some digital magazines, after Khaled Miqdad was admitted to the hospital several days ago, without mentioning his health condition.

As death news was widely circulated, Khaled Miqdad’s son, Al-Waleed Miqdad, has broken his silence and confirmed that what’s being reported is false, and that his father is still at the hospital and his health condition is somewhat stable.

Toyor Al-Jannah Channel Owner, Khaled Miqdad, Die of Coronavirus

Al-Miqdad family did not reveal the type of illness that Toyor Al-Jannah owner suffers from, but social media followers suggested that he is likely contracted Coronavirus, especially since the family mentioned that Khaled’s lungs are fine and that he is placed on a respirator.

The family also asked the audience to pray for their father, and explained that Khaled will be moved from the intensive care room to a regular room, and after a few days, he will be discharged from the hospital.

Last week, brothers Assomi and Al-Waleed have shared their family’s first day of Ramadan rituals, and their father Khaled appeared only in one scene where he was laying in bed and looking tired.


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