Did Mariam Hussein Exploit Hala Al-Turk and Mona Al-Saber’s Case to Obtain Positive Publicity? (Video)

Celebrities have shown support to Mona Al-Saber on social media, but no one have taken an actual action in real life.

And Moroccan actress Mariam Hussein has responded to the accusations against her of abandoning Mona Al-Saber, mother of Bahraini singer Hala Al-Turk, after Mariam promised to help Mona and pay the required amount to court.

In a series of videos Hussein posted on Snapchat, she said: ‘At least I am the only who still goes out and talks about it publicly, and I’m the only one among celebrities who was subjected to legal accountability.’

She added: ‘Unlike some people who abandoned Mona after knowing the facts and hearing videos that it wasn’t originally Hala who filed the case against her mother.’

Mariam Hussein continued: ‘My mother and I did the impossible to help, but the court in Bahrain has not given Mona Al-Saber an approval to receive the money. She can go out and tell you this.’

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