Did Jesy Nelson Ever Been Objected to Online Bullying?

Did Jesy Nelson Ever Been Objected to Online Bullying?

Jesy Nelson is learning to “accept” herself.

The Little Mix singer opened up last year about her mental health and attitude toward her body in the BBC documentary ‘Odd One Out’, and has now said she’s on a journey to “appreciating” herself as she learns to ignore what trolls and haters have to say.

She said: “In years to come I’m going to be so old and wrinkly, I’m going to have saggy boobs and my belly is going to be all flabby and wrinkly.

“And I’m going to look back on these times when I thought I looked dreadful and think, ‘Jesus Christ, I actually looked banging.’ I’m going to be like, ‘Why didn’t I f***ing appreciate myself?’ ”

Jesy, 28, has previously admitted intense online bullying over her looks nearly cost her life, and whilst she still isn’t completely “confident” with her body, she does now “accept” herself for who she is.

The ‘Power’ hitmaker added: “It’s so f***ing hard. I will never, ever sit here and say, ‘Oh my God, I’m so confident now, I love myself’, because I don’t.


“It’s just something that I’m working on and I’m accepting myself for who I am.

“I know I’ll never, ever be the same and feel the same about myself.

“But I think I’m slowly starting to get myself to a point where I’m just accepting it for what it is and learning to get over certain things that I couldn’t before.”

Despite not being completely body confident, Jesy says she has “come a long way” and is no longer afraid to wear more revealing clothing.

Speaking to The Sun newspaper, she said: “God, before I would never bloody wear a crop top or certain things that I do now.

“So absolutely, I’ve definitely come a long way in that sense.

“There are still things I hate about myself.

“But I’m just trying to learn to deal with them and accept them.”

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