Did Assala’s Ex Husband Tarek Alarian Marry This Syrian-Armenian Woman?

Did Assala's Ex Husband Tarek Alarian Marry This Syrian-Armenian Woman?

Egyptian director and ex husband of Syrian songstress Assala Nasri Tarek Alarian , has caused a sensation during the past few days after news of his marriage to Syrian-Armenian  Nicole Saafan.

After much gossip, the director decided to put an end to the controversy and reveal the truth to the media.

Alarian denied being married or engaged to Nicole at the present time, stressing that he himself was surprised by the news of his marriage, and described what was published as “fake stories.”

Tarek added that there is indeed a love story in his life but it has not resulted in marriage yet, and he refuses to talk about it.

He also refuses for anyone to interfere in his life in this way, appealing to journalists and the media to talk about his art works only, and to leave his personal life aside, because it belongs only to him.

The ex husband of Assala said: “Whoever uses my name will be sued for defamation, because this is unacceptable, I do not speak about people’s honors in this way.”

Alarian stressed that his separation from Assala has absolutely nothing to do with his new love affair , and that there are misinterpreted information and details that are not permissible to talk about.

He continued: “Back stabbing spouses and families and talking about their honor is a very bad thing. There is a relationship of love, marriage and companionship of 14 years between me and Assala, for whom I have all the love, respect and appreciation, and whatever happens she will remain the mother of my children.”

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