Did Assad cut the Iranian road in Syria to visit the Emirates?

The visit of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to the United Arab Emirates on March 18 marked an important and decisive turning point in the fate of the Syrian regime, in light of the rising voices of the brothers for its return to the Arab embrace being  absent from the Arab League for a decade.

Despite the talk about Saudi-Qatari opposition to Syria’s return to its Arab seat, Damascus recently detonated a political and diplomatic bomb to confirm that the Syrian president’s road to Doha is passable except for American obstacles opposing that.

Observers do not stop at considering Al-Assad’s visit to Abu Dhabi at the political support for Damascus’ position. Rather, the matter goes beyond opening Syria’s doors to Arab investments and future projects that push this exhausted and destructive country to stand on its feet again.

What is remarkable in the Syrian scene in the future is that there is a popular and perhaps governmental intention in a small percentage due to the gray confidence from Damascus to the brothers, so that Syria will return to relying on Arab and Gulf support, and it is certain that the economy is the only, most prominent and strongest way to dispense with Iran’s uniqueness in Syria.

The absence of the Arab countries from the Syrian arena gives Iran the opportunity to take control of Syria’s trends, as it is currently controlling its economy and policy as it is the only resource for this country and its most prominent economic tributary, in light of the great American pressure on the countries of the world and Arab countries in particular to boycott and besiege Syria economically under the pretext Punish the Syrian regime.

The US sanctions on Syria have primarily affected the people, who have plunged into extreme poverty, and the more severe the sanctions, the more the Syrian regime has inclined towards Iran in an attempt to feed the Syrians, since Tehran is beyond US pressure.

According to reports, Washington was dissatisfied with Abu Dhabi’s reception of Assad, and considered it a violation of the instructions and orders it set. However, in a careful look, the Syrians in general need any economic outlet to get out of the mercy of the Iranians, who provide limited and little aid.

The educated and open Syrian people yearn to expel Iran from their country, which has turned into a Husayniyyah and bans loyalty to Khomeini and the principles of the Iranian revolution, and they find in the return of the Arabs to their country the right way to achieve this.

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