Did Angham’s Husband Get Back to His First Wife on International Women’s Day?!

Did Angham's Husband Get Back to His First Wife on International Women's Day?!

Egyptian music distributor Ahmed Ibrahim, Egyptian singer Angham’s husband, caused a sensation on Instagram, after sending a message of support to his ex wife, Yasmine Issa, on International Women’s Day.

He wrote: “On International Women’s Day, a tribute to the great and faithful who preserved my home in my absence, my wife and mother of my children”.

Describing Yasmin Issa as “my wife” sparked wide controversy, especially that they were divorced after his marriage to singer Angham. This cause some to think maybe the old couple are back together.

The real bad news is that Ibrahim’s message to Yasmine sparked the wrath of Angham, who immediately reacted by unfollowing him on Instagram.

Ahmed Ibrahim had officially married Angham on New Year’s Eve 2019.

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