Did Abla Kamel Retire?

Did Abla Kamel Retire?

Once again, social media users are circulating news about Egyptian actress Abla Kamel’s retirement, especially since the artist did not participate in any acting project for the past 3 years.

Sources close to Foochia.com revealed that what has been circulating is false rumors, and Abla Kamel did not decide to retire.

The source stressed that absence of Abla Kamel from TV and cinema has reinforced the rumors, adding that if she decides to quit, she will personally communicate that with her fans, as she totally respects the audience who gave her stardom along the way.

The source pointed out that Abla Kamel is awaiting for an appropriate role, adding that her absence for 3 years does not mean that she retired, and demanded everyone to be careful before publishing such news.

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