Diana Karazon’s Husband is Referred to as the ‘Criminal’ by Her Mom

Diana Karazon's Husband is Referred to as the 'Criminal' by Her Mom

Jordanian singer Diana Karazon got married 3 days ago to Jordanian broadcaster Moath Al Omari, after a strong love affair.

Diana’s mother, who is very used to her company, will no longer see her at home after Diana has moved into her husband Moath’s house.

Diana’s mother wrote, describing Al Omari as a ‘foolish criminal’ saying; ‘I feel spiteful, as I am now in the most severe cases of hatred for that foolish criminal, who separated you from my placenta and made me lose your embrace, reside in the safety of the most merciful, my heart wound.’

At Karazon’s wedding, her mother cried happy tears when her daughter walked into the golden cage, and then cried sad tears as she thought about the fact her daughter is moving to her new husband’s house.

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