Demet Özdemir Recycles a Jacket She Once Wore on Erkenci Kuş (Pictures)

In an Instagram story, Demet Özdemir has recycled the jacket that Sanem once wore during episode 34 of Erkenci Kuş (The Early Bird/DayDreamer).

Very often actors, when the production of a TV series or a film ends, they manage to take home an heirloom that reminds them of the adventure they had, and this is the case of Turkish actress Demet Özdemir, who with a story on Instagram made the many fans of DayDreamer dream.

In fact, the actress, during an evening with friends, wore an item of clothing belonging to one of the many scenes that Sanem shot for the Turkish television serial along with her colleague and rumored ex-lover Can Yaman.
Ex Can Yaman'a Selam mı?! Demet Özdemir Erkenci Kuş'ta Bir Zamanlar Giydiği Ceketi Geri Dönüştürdü

Demet Özdemir Keeps Sanem’s Clothes

During the evening of January 24, a detail did not go unnoticed by DayDreamer fans, as they watched the stories that Demet Özdemir posted on her Instagram profile.

In fact, the actress lives in Istanbul, which in recent days has been covered by a thick blanket of white snow. So, together with a group of three friends, the young actress found herself in the backyard to have fun playing with the snow, but the fans did not miss one thing, namely the jacket that Demet wore.

Can Yaman ve Demet Özdemir yeniden oynayacak mı?

The item of clothing, in fact, is very familiar to Erkenci Kuş fans, that fuchsia jacket with blue spots that Demet wore is the same that the actress wore during an episode of the soap, precisely number 34 (which in the version broadcast on Channel 5 corresponds to episode 106, gone broadcast on January 26, 2021).

In that episode Can “kidnaps” Sanem and takes her to the mountains to spend time together and sort out the misunderstandings that have arisen between them due to HumaPolen and Yigit.

Can Yaman ve Demet Özdemir yeniden oynayacak mı?

Fans Would Like to See Demet Özdemir and Can Yaman Together Again

Obviously, the fans, seeing those images, felt a hint of nostalgia. Some appreciated the fact that Demet Özdemir kept “a memory of Sanem“.

In fact, the couple Can and Sanem have scratched the hearts of the many fans of the series all over the world who have followed their beautiful and tormented love story on TV for a year.

Can Yaman ve Demet Özdemir yeniden oynayacak mı?

Many still hope that Can Yaman and Demet Özdemir will be able to work together again. Recently, when the collaboration of the two actors with the Disney Plus platform (which will arrive in Turkey in the summer of 2022) was announced, the rumor was running on the web that the two could have worked together again.

Meanwhile, soon, precisely on February 11, Love Tactics will be available on Netflix, the new film by Demet Özdemir and Şükrü Özyıldız.


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