Demet Özdemir on Valentine’s Day: Oğuzhan Koç and I DO NOT Live Together!

Last night, beautiful Turkish actress Demet Özdemir did not refuse an interview request by journalists on the set of series My Home My Destiny that took place in Yeniköy.

The actress, who is in love with the singer Oğuzhan Koç, has clarified a recent report about them.

Journalist: Do you eat dessert?

D. Özdemir: Of course, why? Burger, potatoes … I eat everything. My friends know it very well. We even ate very nice pastries today.

Journalist: You pay attention to your form at the same time, how do you achieve that?

D. Özdemir: With a little bit of stress, a little bit intense work tempo, of course this way. Otherwise I don’t have much time to do sports.

Then the journalist asked Demet to describe her 9 year old acting career.

D. Özdemir: I have worked hard. I am really living things beyond my dreams, especially the projects I have done. I feel very good, I feel I have accomplished many things. But I have a very long road ahead. I hope it always continues in the same dynamic like this, because I really like to do this profession. I am very happy when I am appreciated.

Journalist: Do you plan to do business on a digital platform?

D. Özdemir: I do not seem to have announced that much, but I am thinking of making a film this summer. I can only tell the type of the film, romantic comedy. Other than that, nothing is clear.

Journalist: Can we say your partner Oğuzhan Koç is in the movie?

D. Özdemir: I can’t improvise here. I have no words left.

Journalist: There are allegations stating that you will move to the same house with Oğuzhan Koç.

D. Özdemir: There is no such thing. It was even written that I stayed with Rıfat and Yücel while my house was being built, during the construction phase. I do not know where Rifat’s house is. There is no such thing as living in the same house. I said it through you. Then she added: ‘I am happy, everything is fine.’

Journalist: February 14 is a special day for you?

D. Özdemir: I think this is a very memorized thing. It has unwittingly settled in our subconscious, how special and important it should be, but if you ask for me, it doesn’t matter that much. Every day is beautiful anyway.

Journalist: The spouse who forgets special days is now considered the reason for divorce.

D. Özdemir: This is another excuse added, because there is already too much divorce, it saddens me.

Journalist: You are one of the celebrities with the most followers on Instagram. What do you say to İpek Tuzcuoğlu and Bestemsu Özdemir’s words that celebrities with many followers receive more offers?

D. Özdemir: Of course, it is very likely. But talent, determination and courage are things that are very different than number of followers. I cannot say that it has an effect of 100%, but of course it affects from 10% to 20%. When there is no talent, you can do a temporary job.

Journalist: Do you have a fake account on Instagram and do you share everything in your life?

D. Özdemir: I have never done such a thing. I could not openly share my life on social media. I post whenever I feel like posting real things from me. I have never had a fake account, fortunately not. You would understand anyway.

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