Demet Ozdemir Hides Her Wedding Ring And Ozhan Koç Did not Set a Date For The Wedding

Rumors were raised about the proposal of Turkish singer Ozhan Koç to star Demet Ozdemir after a two-year long relationship.

During a press interview, the couple gave while Demet was at a friend’s birthday party, a reporter asked them about their preparations for marriage and the wedding.

The journalist asked: “When did you set the date of the marriage? Will the marriage be in Chesma?” To which Ozhan answered him in an angry and sarcastically way: “We never set the date of the wedding. As for whether it will be in Chesma, you decided that, tell us when the wedding will take place and where so that we can prepare for that.”

As for Demet Ozdemir, she was holding Ozhan’s hand while she was hiding her other hand. The cameras could not detect the wedding ring, and when asked about the ring, she said: “Look, I hide my hand so that you do not see the wedding ring, so good night.”

The Turkish star was previously in a relationship with Ozhan Koç two years ago as she was posting many romantic pictures of her on social media. But before the marriage proposal, the duo suddenly separated due to unknown reasons, but soon they returned to each other, and it was rumored that the reason for their separation was Ozhan’s jealousy of Demet because she filmed a sex scene with another star who liked her.

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