Demet Özdemir And Her Fiancé Oğuzhan Koç Get Caught!

Earlier this week on Wednesday, snaps taken by the paparazzi were published by the media containing inappropriate pictures of Demet Özdemir and her fiancé Oğuzhan Koç at the Çeşme Beach during their vacation.

In the pictures, the Turkish stars can be seen wearing swimsuits and were kissing and enjoying their romantic moments.

it was reported that during the time of last week, they approached their families and notified them that they will be getting married soon.

They got engaged on Valentine’s Day, February 14, where Oğuzhan Koç surprised his girlfriend at a 5-star hotel in Sarıyer by romantically proposing.

The couple both assured that their only wish is to celebrate their marriage.

Oğuzhan Koç claimed “We want to find the date that best suits your calendar and mine and celebrate the wedding as soon as possible,”

It is reported that the love birds are set to tie the knot on the 28th of August.

However, they have not revealed where they want their venue to be to say the words ‘Yes, I do”.

The Turkish press claimed that the setting in Çeşme is the most suitable and perfect, however,  Oğuzhan Koç has denied the news emphasizing that Çeşme is not a place that he wants to visit.

“I have never moved there in my life. We don’t have a plan yet. We will see and decide together”.

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