Death toll in Afghan mosque bombing rises to 33, Taliban say

A Taliban official says a bombing at a mosque and religious school in northern Afghanistan on Friday killed at least 33 people, including students of a religious school.

Zabihullah Mujahid tweeted news of the devastating bombing in the town of Imam Saheb, in Kunduz Province, saying it also wounded another 43 people, many of them students.

No one immediately claimed responsibility for the bombing, but Afghanistan’s ISIS affiliate on Thursday claimed a series of bombings, the worst of which was an attack on a Shia mosque in northern Mazar-e-Sharif that killed at least 10 Shia Muslim worshippers and wounded scores more.

Earlier, the Kunduz provincial police spokesman put the death toll at the mosque and madrassa compound in Imam Saheb at two dead and six injured.

Mujahid later tweeted the higher casualty numbers tweeting “we condemn this crime… and express our deepest condolences to the victims.”

Friday’s bombing is the latest in a series of deadly attacks across Afghanistan.

Mujahid called the perpetrators of the Kunduz attack “seditionists and evil elements.”

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