Damla Sönmez Belly-Dances in Çukur.. And The Series Is Set to End on This Date

Damla is a talented dancer.

On yesterday’s episode of Çukur (The Pit), Turkish actress Damla Sönmez has unfolded her belly dancing skills.

Sönmez sported a belly-dancer red costume as she performed in a nightclub.

Despite the criticism of that scene, viewership rates of yesterday’s episode were soaring, achieving a rate of 7.75%

It’s been reported that the fourth season of Çukur will end after 9 episodes, specifically on May 10th after airing 125 episode of the show.

Viewers were sad to hear the news, and they expressed what they feel via Twitter.

One follower wrote: ‘Season 4 is the best season, and they will put an end to the neighborhood although we haven’t enjoyed it much yet,’ and another one wrote: ‘We will indeed miss the creativity of the crew.’

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