Cruelty: Ukraine Teen Jailed After Forcing Her Puppy to Drink Vodka

Cruelty: Ukraine Teen Jailed After Forcing Her Puppy to Drink Vodka

A teenage girl has been charged with animal cruelty after allegedly filming herself forcing her puppy to drink vodka in a cruel internet prank. 

The unnamed 18-year-old, from the Ukraine, was reportedly heard laughing as puppy shook uncontrollably after swallowing the alcohol, The Sun reported.

Police arrested her in the western Ukraine village of Mamornytsya after the sick video was posted online – which she claims she did to to entertain her friends.

Video footage appears to show her pouring the vodka for her cream-coloured puppy as she says: ‘Here is some vodka for my beloved pet. Now we are going to find out how it will affect him.’

Seconds later she was heard laughing as the dog laps up the vodka before racing away and beginning to convulse, The Sun added.

It is claimed that when police tracked the teenage down she was quick apologise and alleged: ‘It was a game. My friends and I were challenging each other with different tasks.

‘I was told to get my dog drunk. I regret what I did.

Police confirmed they charged the teen with animal cruelty after ‘the suspect, who abused the dog, confessed to the crime.’

They added that the dog suffered no long-term damage in the ordeal.

The teenage girl faces a fine of 8,500 Ukrainian hryvnias (£255), reports the Daily Star.

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