Crazy Uncle Donnie! Social Media Users Mock Trump With Memes

Crazy Uncle Donnie! Social Media Users Mock Trump With Memes

Social media users flooded Twitter with memes mocking Donald Trump after NBC News’ Savannah Guthrie scolded the president that he is ‘not someone’s crazy uncle’ during Thursday night’s town hall.  

Trump and Joe Biden both held their town halls Thursday evening, with viewers forced to choose between the clashing timetables after the president scheduled his to go head to head with his competitor.

The president was cagey about his views on QAnon after he was grilled over his retweet of a baseless conspiracy theory that Seal Team Six did not kill Osama bin Laden, snapping at the host Guthrie: ‘Let’s waste a whole show.’

‘You’re not somebody’s crazy uncle who can just retweet whatever,’ Guthrie hit back.

Twitter erupted after the spat, with many people quick to post a flurry of memes that estranged niece Mary Trump would more than likely disagree with Guthrie.

One person shared an image of Trump looking disheveled with a toothy grin, writing ‘Cray Uncle Donnie’.

Another posted footage of Oprah Winfrey looking shocked with her mouth open and blinking with the caption ‘Mary Trump:’.

Another shared a meme of Barack Obama frowning with the words ‘Are you sure?’ plastered across the image.

One account posted images of Mary and her spill-all book about the Trump clan as they wrote that she would have been ‘waving her hands frantically’.

‘@SavannahGuthrie to Trump: You’re not, like, someone’s crazy uncle. Trump’s niece Mary (waves hand frantically),’ they wrote.

The tweet gained a response from another social media who shared a meme of a woman desperately waving her arms around in the air.

Mary sensationally parted ways with the rest of the Trump clan following a rift which widened this year when she released her tell-all book where she made several bombshell claims, including that the president paid a friend to take his SATs.

Other moments in his town hall were also quickly transformed into memes online.

Much of the chatter on social media in the aftermath of the event was about a woman sitting directly behind Trump who was seen nodding along to everything he said.

Several were quick to jump on the theory that she was a ‘plant’ for the campaign while others shared hilarious memes.

‘I think the woman in the red mask behind Trump really likes what he has to say. She’s nodding almost every time he says something. Respect,’ wrote one social media user.

They posted it alongside a meme of a young child wearing a baseball cap with the word ‘Respect’ on and lifting the cap and tilting it to the camera.

Many social media users also hit out at Trump’s town hall in general, where he shielded questions about his COVID testing, his taxes, his debt and white supremacy and QAnon.

Several people opted for apocalyptic scenes to describe the night, with one sharing footage of a mushroom cloud explosion with the commentary: ‘Actual footage from the Trump town hall.’

Another person shared a meme of a cartoon of Trump riding on a kart with 2020 on the side, while the contents of the kart are up in flames.

‘I already voted for Joe Biden, so I didn’t plan to watch either town hall. CNN aired some clips of the Trump town hall. My thoughts…’ they posted.

Another offered what they called ‘a visual recap’ of the town hall with a train riding on a track over a bridge that then collapsed plunging the train into the river below.

In a gesture to the extreme weather conditions the US has faced so far this year – and Trump’s denial that climate change is to blame – one person shared a meme of what appeared to be a recycling bin in flames floating along flood water.

One of the other key moments social media users picked up on was when Paulette Dale, described as leaning toward voting for Joe Biden, appeared to flirt with the president.

‘I have to say, you have a great smile. You’re so handsome when you smile,’ she told him.

‘Thank you,’ Trump said with a smile.

One social media user put the beaming images of the pair side by side and captioned the image: ‘”You’re so handsome when you smile!!”‘ says Trump’s next Attorney General.

The town halls replaced what was supposed to be the night of the second presidential debate after Trump refused to take part when officials announced it would be held virtually due to his coronavirus diagnosis.

Trump sparred with Guthrie over wearing a face mask, denouncing white supremacy, and the QAnon conspiracy group.

The president appeared to admit he owes more than $400 million to creditors, denied knowing about QAnon while praising them for fighting pedophilia, and declined to say if he was tested for COVID the day of his first presidential debate.

When asked about his COVID diagnosis, Trump said he couldn’t remember when he last tested negative for the coronavirus before he tested positive on October 3.

‘Did you test the day of the debate?,’ Guthrie pressed him.

‘I don’t know. I don’t even remember,’ Trump responded.

On the QAnon conspiracy theory that Trump retweeted this week claiming the Navy SEAL team who took down Osama bin Laden actually killed his body double and so the team was killed by the Obama administration, the president simply dismissed it as ‘a retweet’ and that ‘people can decide for themselves’.

Over at Biden’s town hall, the Democrat wouldn’t rule out packing the court if  Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s is confirmed to the Supreme Court.

‘I have not been a fan of court-packing because it generates, whoever wins it just keeps moving in a way that is inconsistent with what is going to be manageable,’ Biden said at the ABC News town hall.

Host George Stephanopoulos pushed him on the matter leading Biden to admit it would be something he’d consider though it ‘depends on how this turns out.’

Biden also vowed to tackle laws that discriminate against transgender people saying there must be ‘zero discrimination’.

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