Craftcore: ‘Granny Chic’ Becomes Fashion Trend

Over the last year, as the world battled isolation fashion designers realized the emotional and artisanal value of the handmade as well as its potential to arrest the hitherto breakneck speed of fast fashion. Grandma’s favorite pastime pleasures were now in vogue again. 

From crochet and quilting to macrame and appliqué, fashion is embracing handmade techniques like never before.

For the past few seasons, we’ve seen a resurgence in the ’60s and ’70s trends on the runways, which brought homespun and handicraft elements back into the spotlight.

The homespun movement set to become fashion’s latest subculture. Designers are taking an interest in traditional, homey feeling techniques like crochet, hand-knits, tapestries, and quilting.

Craftiness is quickly spreading through fashion. Designers take an interest in traditional techniques like crochet, hand-knits, tapestries, and quilting — all things that have an intrinsically crafty, homey feel. Doily-style lace was seen on the Spring 2020 runways.

In a society where most products are made by machines and robots, appreciating crafts and the craftsmanship that goes into it is something that has become lost on many members of society.

Luckily, many people are still enjoying making and buying handmade items. Craftcore may be seen as an aesthetic that longs for simplicity and self-sustainability. However, Craftcore is not anti-tech. Using the newest tools for crafts is not looked down upon. Crafts have existed for a long time. However, the word “Craftcore” hasn’t been used for this aesthetic until the late 2010s.

Undoubtedly, details like crochet, patchwork, and embroidery have been gaining popularity among the fashion set, and free-spirited pieces are being spotted all over Instagram.

After Fall 2020 fashion month wrapped in Paris, one thing was clear: “craftcore” is here to stay. 

Craftcore is themed around hand-crafted items. The most popular craftcore visual and activity is embroidery, but the aesthetic encompasses a variety of other craft activities and crafted items. Some key themes to look out for in the market include crochet cardigans and dresses, patchwork jackets, and spliced denim.

Craftcore has emerged from the essence of nostalgia. It pays homage to the yesteryear eras when slow living and grandma-approved techniques weren’t just seasonal trends but actual ways of life.

Fashion enters craftcore, and as the name suggests, it’s all about DIY and upcycling old items to create not just new, but statement-making pieces.

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