‘COVID Masks’ Dominate Fashion Shows Around The World

'COVID Masks' Dominate Fashion Shows Around The World

The global outbreak of novel the coronavirus (COVID-19) has impacted negatively almost all businesses, and the fashion industry was no exception.

As the saying goes, in the midst of every crisis, lies a silver lining, and there has been great opportunity for fashion brands to turn the challenge to their favour. Many are now producing stylish face masks to benefit from the high demand around the world, ensuring that this accessory can be turned into a fashion statement.

Decorative masks dominated most of the fashion shows at this year’s Paris Fashion Week, which took place in early March. Turning what some see as a major inconvenience into a top trend, most fashion houses are competing to present innovative masks that match different attire and outfits.

Before the pandemic, some fashion brands and designers were producing dresses with masks, but not many accepted them at the time. Now, it’s the perfect time for decorative masks.

Fashion designers have undoubtedly succeeded in changing people’s mindsets, and ensuring that there is at least marginally greater acceptance to wearing something that covers most of the face.

By presenting coloured and decorative masks that match different outfits, the new trend even makes people more confident and happy with the new style.

Coloured Masks

Following the fashion arbiter, celebrities and public figures began to wear masks that match their clothing whilst at public events.

In late March, Slovakia’s President, Zuzana Caputova, appeared at an official ceremony wearing a coloured mask that matched her dress.

In the UK, photos went viral on social media of Queen Elizabeth II wearing coloured masks that matched with her outfits at different occasions.

Masks for Soirees

In the United Arab Emirates, famed singer Ahlam posted a photo of herself on Twitter, in which she wore a very special mask with embroidered jewellery.

In Egypt, fashion designer Samo Hagras created a bridal mask made of lace with embroidered pearls to match white wedding dresses. It was the first bridal mask, and Hagras presented it during the Paris Fashion Week in March.

Masks with Disney Characters

A Croatian fashion designer presented a creative idea to attract young people to wearing masks in public. He designed masks with photos of famous Disney characters on them, giving this a slightly more playful aspect.

Wearing Make-up on Masks

As wearing medical masks have become part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle for many people to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, make-up artists have presented innovative tips for wearing elegant make-up around masks. A video quickly went viral on social media, featuring one young user wearing make-up on her mask to make it more stylish.

Whether you’re wearing masks to protect yourself from the virus or just going along with the trend, the fashion statements this year are going to revolve around masks.

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