Covid Brings Down Divorce. Guess Where?

Covid-19 may have wreaked havoc globally, but in Ras Al Khaimah it has had the opposite effect – it has significantly brought down divorce cases.

Ahmad Al Khatri, Chairman of RAK Courts, said there was a 7.8 per cent drop in divorce cases in 2020 and it was mainly attributed to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic.

“More marriages were registered last year as well for the same reason, reflecting a positive environment for stability among families and the community,” he said.

There was a spike of 28.7 per cent in marriage contracts sealed last year, he added. “Up to 1,458 marriages were registered in 2020 compared to 1,133 in 2019,” he revealed.

“However, divorce cases decreased with 376 separations in comparison to 408 in 2019.”

Al Khatri said most marriages last year were among Emirati couples, representing 63.4 per cent of the total marriages registered in 2020.

“Up to 924 marriages of Emirati couples were recorded compared to 317 marriages for residents.”

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