Course on Professional Journalistic Safety Launches in Amman

Journalists around the world suffer while doing their work. They face a lot of dangers trying to fulfil their journalistic duties, starting with obstacles that hinder their work, to getting injured, to being detained or arrested, and ending with murder. All of which are risks that journalists have to deal with as a fait accompli, as can be seen from the reports of international organizations and other relevant human rights agencies.
This is why we at ARIJ Network, in collaboration with the International Federation of Journalists, whose membership includes more than 600,000 journalists around the world, are launching a comprehensive course about journalistic safety while covering conflict areas with the trainer Abdualla Maksour in Arabic language.


Through this course’s multiple lessons, we will provide a comprehensive explanation of professional journalistic safety, and the procedures that journalists should follow before, during, and after working on a mission.
In this intensive course, we discuss a set of topics relating to the guidelines that should be followed while covering epidemics and disease infected areas, the basics of planning mechanisms, coverage of demonstrations and gatherings, carrying out tasks in areas of conflict, clash or tension, choosing and securing accommodation, dealing with checkpoints, the stages of kidnapping, and the journalistic safety of investigative journalists among other essential headlines that will help journalists do their job on the field with lower risks.
This course, which will be adopted as a prerequisite for all journalists wishing to cooperate and work with ARIJ Network, introduces the trainer and journalist Abdualla Maksour, an Arab journalist born in Syria, who has a long experience in broadcast and journalism work. He is training among the Arabic-speaking trainers program within the International Federation of Journalists, as well as in the Al Jazeera Media Institute, and at  Khatwa’s documentary filmmaking program. Abdualla also published numerous fictional works, and is currently residing and working in the United Kingdom as a major news producer for Al Araby Television Network.

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