Couple Caught Having Sex a Stone’s Throw Away From Buckingham Palace

Couple Caught Having Sex a Stone's Throw Away From Buckingham Palace

A couple were caught engaging in sexual activity just a stone’s throw away from Buckingham Palace amid the coronavirus lockdown.

The unknown man and woman were seen having sex in London’s sun-soaked St James’s Park, just metres away from Birdcage Walk, as shocked onlookers walked past on Saturday afternoon.

However despite their actions, the oblivious pair, who were eventually spotted by two police officers on horseback, were able to escape with a verbal warning about the government’s social distancing guidelines, The Sun reported.

The anonymous cyclist who filmed the incident told the paper: ‘The Queen would have been outraged — they were at it like rabbits in the shadow of Buckingham Palace.’

The cyclist continued: ‘Families and joggers went past as they went at it but they didn’t give a damn who saw them.’

After several minutes and a complaint from a passer-by, the anonymous onlooker said that the frisky couple were eventually spoken to by two officers on horseback.

However much to the cyclist’s surprise, the pair were simply reminded about the government’s social distancing measures and told to return home by the officers.

The cyclist added: ‘I was surprised nothing was done during lockdown because they were clearly very close to the pavement.’

A  Metropolitan Police spokesperson said: ‘At around 12.50hrs on Saturday 11 April mounted branch officers on routine patrol in central London encountered a man and a woman who appeared to be having a picnic on Birdcage Walk, SW1, in central London.

‘Officers engaged with the pair and spoke to them to remind them of the current government guidance, including around social distancing, and advised them to return home. The officers did not observe any sexual activity taking place.

‘The individuals involved explained that they were homeless and the officers then gave them advice to signpost them to a third party agency that they could contact about seeking shelter.’

The incident comes as Britons across the country continued to flout the government’s social distancing rules amid the pandemic.

With temperatures soaring to 73F in parts of the UK today, sun-soaked parks and beaches were once again flooded with people breaching lockdown guidelines to enjoy the sunshine.

In the capital sunbathers were spotted lounging in London’s Victoria Park, which only reopened its gates yesterday after being closed for two weeks to deter those breaching the government’s social distancing measures, and sunbathing in Battersea Park.

Meanwhile on Hertford Union canal in London, people continued to walk and cycle across the path despite the lockdown measure in place.

The continuing defiance among some Britons comes after the Health Secretary Matt Hancock backtracked on a threat to ban outdoor exercise if people do not comply with the coronavirus lockdown.

Last week, the Health Secretary blasted sunbathers for flouting the rules and warned the government would ban ‘all forms’ of public exercise if a ‘small minority’ refuse to stay at home.

However he later updated his comments while speaking at the daily Downing Street coronavirus press conference and said he did not want anyone to think that any changes to the social distancing rules are imminent.

Mr Hancock said the end of lockdown will be determined by ‘how much people follow the rules on social distancing’ and ‘the more people follow the rules then the faster we will all be through it’.

He then issued a direct plea to people who are ‘breaking the rules or are pushing the boundaries’, telling them: ‘You are risking your own life and the lives of others and you are making it harder for us all.’

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