Coronavirus: Saudi Arabia bans family gatherings, crowds of more than 5 people

Saudi Arabia has banned gatherings and crowds of more than five people under new regulations issued by the Kingdom to curb the coronavirus outbreak, the Ministry of Interior said on Thursday, according to Saudi Press Agency (SPA).

Gatherings that include more than one family and individuals who are not members of the same family are prohibited, the report said.

Individuals are not allowed to congregate in malls or retails stores, the ministry added.

People who do not live together are also banned from gathering together.

The new regulations, which will be enforced by a newly-formed police unit, are part of efforts to ensure people follow social distancing measures.

Saudi Arabia had partially lifted on April 26 curfew restrictions that were previously implemented across the Kingdom, but has not lifted the lockdown on Mecca and other isolated neighborhoods.

The Kingdom has reported 33,731 confirmed coronavirus cases 219 virus-related deaths.

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